Next Act

A Letter from the HEAD coach

One of my clients named my coaching practice for me, saying:  "With you, it's not just about my next job.  It's about my next act."   

He nailed it.   You've probably already enjoyed some significant career success. But, does the idea of doing the same thing for years to come appeal to you?  


No?  Then you might be the kind of client I like to work with, and here's my philosophy:  unless you've got inherited wealth, your work is foundational.  

Beyond that, what do you want the next act of your life to look like?   For me, it's thrilling to collaborate with clients as they figure it out, and make it happen.   If you already know what you want next, and every step between where you are and there, cool.  Go get it.  You don't need me.   

Still reading?  Then maybe you do need me.  My background: over the past few decades, I've worked in television news, government, politics, academia, health care, law, and nonprofits.  And, published a couple of books and many articles.  The recruiters call me a "multi-sector" or "portfolio" kind of guy.  I think it's more a lifelong quest to find the right fit, or the best next act.  

If my approach appeals to you, I'd be happy to have an introductory chat to determine whether I'm the kind of coach you want and need.   And, one more thing: this process should not be a drag.  It's about your next act, as you define it.  If getting there is not fun, at least some of the time, I'm not doing my job.   

Take care,   

J.D. "Jim" Fox 

Certified by and a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)   

Biography:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/j-d-fox/   

Contact me at:  JFox@nextactcoaching.net   

Or, for a probably faster response, contact my assistant C.J.: CJennings@nextactcoaching.net   

The dogs?   My rescue dog, Sam, with some friends, just because dogs bring joy.   You deserve more of it.     

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